rub your eyes hard, use dry paper towel s or wipe your

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With the cooperation of the security department, the student department and the Youth League Committee, the three departments of the school carefully planned and closely organized the drill, and defined the drill procedure, evacuation route and matters needing attention. Before the exercise, Song Yaming, head of the Security Section, educated the students on fire safety knowledge, such as “how to prevent fire” and “how to save themselves in the fire scene”. 15:00, with the fire alarm sounded, the teachers of the Security Department, the Student Department and the Youth League Committee quickly arrived at the designated places on each floor and calmly directed the students to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels and keep their bodies as low as possible. emergency evacuation of the teaching building from the safe evacuation passageway. All the students were evacuated to the school playground safely, quickly and orderly in a short time. Subsequently, the head teacher quickly evacuated the “fire” scene, went to the assembly place to count the class size and reported the evacuation.

rub your eyes hard, use dry paper towel s or wipe your

Moreover, these bags go beyond just carrying makeup essentials. They have additional compartments or pockets to hold other gym-related items like water bottles, towels, and even smartphones. Some bags even come with a designated space to store yoga mats or fitness bands. This versatility allows women to carry all their necessary belongings in one stylish and convenient package.

Yao Xiaoyuan believes that for going to a barber shop to get a haircut, individuals should do a good job in protection from three aspects. First, the environment of the barber shop should meet the national standards, such as the indoor air quality of the barber shop, including formaldehyde, respirable particulate matter, benzene and ammonia, which should meet the national standards; second, the barber shop uses barber tools and public goods and appliances used by customers, such as towels, combs, etc., to achieve “one customer, one disinfection”. Third, the barber shop should ensure good ventilation, open the window and open the door as far as possible when the temperature permits, and strengthen the natural ventilation; if you need to use air conditioning in summer, ensure that the air conditioner can operate at the maximum amount of fresh air; if conditions permit, the return air should be turned off or turned off. In order to ensure the safe use of the air conditioning system during the epidemic prevention and control period, some parts of the air conditioning system, such as tuyere, condenser and filter, should be cleaned and disinfected or replaced regularly.

Eyes are the most delicate organs, if the sand is not removed in time, there will be pain in the blink of an eye, but also cause inflammation, festering and even blindness. When a foreign body enters the eye, it is most taboo to rub your eyes hard, use dry paper towels or wipe your eyes with towels. The right thing to do is to open your eyes and ask your partner to help open your eyelids and check the whiteness (bulbar conjunctiva), lower eyelids and cornea. If the foreign body is in the eyelid or white part of the eye, you can gently wipe the foreign body with a paper towel dipped in a little pure water (at home, it is best to wipe off the foreign body with a cotton swab with a little antibiotic eye drops); if the foreign body is in the upper eyelid, cornea, or embedded deeply, it must be treated in the hospital in time.

Swimming in natural waters not only protects against sunburn, but also pays attention to jellyfish bites, prurigo and other problems. The prurigo of swimmers is related to the larvae of Schistosoma japonicum in the water. when swimmers wade or soak in the water, the larvae of Schistosoma japonicum will swoop in and enter the skin exposed to the swimsuit, causing itching, tingling or local rash, which will disappear after a few hours, and a red rash will appear again in the exposed area after 10 to 15 hours. To avoid prurigo, bathe in clean water immediately after swimming, thoroughly clean your skin and dry your body with a towel.