bath structure of gearbox gear arrangement, meshing sleeve and forced cooling

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Buried steel sleeve steel insulation pipe manufacturer? Prefabricated steel jacket steel insulation pipe, directly buried steel sleeve steel insulation pipe technology steel sleeve steel insulation pipe has entered the modern society, the building using directly buried steel insulation pipe has developed from simple defense and providing necessary living space to a variety of functions such as living, sleeping, dining, entertainment, hygiene, work, study and so on. According to research statistics, modern human beings spend about 90% of their time inside buildings that use directly buried insulation pipes.

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bath structure of gearbox gear arrangement, meshing sleeve and forced cooling

Yangxian steel sleeve steel steam pipe loss manufacturers sales auxiliary bearing performance, compressive strength in line with structural requirements. The glass fiber reinforced plastic outer protection pipe has good waterproof performance, good load-bearing performance, and the temperature resistance meets the normal operating conditions (the wall thickness should be calculated according to the load requirements). Directly buried insulation pipe products, the outer steel pipe needs to be compensated for installation. Mainly uses the full fixed form, the fixed pier thrust is small. The pipeline layout design of the pipeline with this structure is relatively simple and has strong on-site adaptability. 3, the disposable compensator must be welded when the pipeline heats up to 60% of the working temperature, and then backfilled and tamped. Several small methods for anticorrosion of the outer wall of steel sleeve steel steam insulation pipe.

Equipped with the famous 180 horsepower engine, strong power, high torque reserve, good fuel economy and high reliability. Relying on the global technical research and development capability of Zoomlion, chassis systems such as rear axle and gearbox have been optimized. The gearbox uses 16F+16R shuttle to shift gears, and the 24F+8R crawling gear is optional. The shuttle position is designed on the dashboard, which is convenient and quick to operate. The new oil bath structure of gearbox gear arrangement, meshing sleeve and forced cooling lubrication system effectively prevents the high temperature problem of transmission system and improves the reliability and service life of gears, bearings and other parts. In addition, the chassis system greatly improves the bearing capacity and reliability, which is especially suitable for soil preparation operations such as deep loosening and deep ploughing in the Central Plains, Northeast and Northwest China.