heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve , and the service

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Batang high temperature steel sleeve steel steam insulation pipe reservation? What is the inner sliding steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe, also known as steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe, its insulation layer structure is called golden triangle combination, aluminosilicate rock wool felt, microporous calcium silicate tile block, polyurethane foaming three-layer structure. The transmission of steam temperature is ensured. The conveying temperature is 400 ℃. The advantage of Golden Triangle combination is that it avoids the waterproof malpractice of traditional glass wool insulation and can better ensure the temperature of steam transmission. Inner sliding steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe structure: the thermal insulation structure is composed of working steel pipe, aluminum silicate, drag reduction layer, microporous calcium silicate, heat insulation layer, stainless steel fastening steel strip, aluminum foil reflection layer, polyurethane insulation layer, outer steel pipe and external anti-corrosion layer.

heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve , and the service

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heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve , and the service

Yuzhou polyurethane directly buried thermal insulation pipe interface method is not recommended to use welded steel pipe, such as spiral steel pipe or straight seam steel pipe. The steel pipe with defensive function will work better than the polyurethane insulation layer. The adhesion of the steel pipe. At the same time, the foaming cell is closed and the water absorption is small. Fourth: see the birth process? 6, drag reduction layer: ensure the free movement of thermal expansion and shrinkage of the working steel pipe. Before applying the casting slurry, the inner tube and outer sleeve should be properly concentric with the appropriate equipment, and the lower sealing treatment is tight, in addition to the polyurethane foam insulation pipe to prevent slurry leakage. In terms of size, it is understandable that the middle dividing line and appearance of the inner tube is the dividing line of the card plate. Polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe working steel pipe adopts # seamless steel pipe. There is something about the inner covers and jackets of insulation pipe manufacturers such as DN and DN.

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External protection steel pipe: in order to ensure the normal operation of the directly buried thermal insulation pipe, protect the insulation layer from the erosion of groundwater, support the working pipe and bear a certain external load. Polyurethane foam layer of steel sleeve and steel directly buried insulation pipe: the purpose is to ensure the temperature of the medium and the surface of the outer protection tube to maintain normal temperature. Barrier and reflective layer: the purpose is to ensure that the organic foam material will not enter the inorganic hard high temperature resistant layer. Large diameter directly buried thermal insulation pipes are often used in the central heating system of urban residential areas, and the water temperature generally does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius, so the methods adopted are compensated direct buried application and uncompensated direct buried application.

heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve , and the service

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How to complete the internal cleaning work of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe is well known. Steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe according to the sliding type. therefore. The anticorrosive grade should be specially reinforced.

Thermal insulation materials of other materials can also be selected according to customer requirements. The double-layer seam on the wrong surface of the thermal insulation material is tied together on the working steel pipe, resulting in heat loss, no surface with the steel sleeve, and the service life of the thermal insulation layer. its thickness varies with the medium temperature, thick-walled thermal insulation steel pipe steel sleeve steel vapor composite insulation pipe is suitable for conveying, steam or other media below 350 degrees Celsius, the product uses steel pipe as external protective layer, with high strength, not easy to damage, simple construction and maintenance. The advantage of long service life. The primary problem of the protective pipe of the directly buried pipeline is the reliability of strict waterproofing. In addition, it is necessary to have good mechanical strength. Because of the high strength, the steel casing is connected by welding, and the reliability of waterproof sealing performance is very high. Its high temperature resistance is also incomparable to other external protective pipes. In the area where the groundwater level is high, in order to ensure that the groundwater does not affect the normal operation of the directly buried steam pipeline, the outer protective layer uses a solid and airtight steel pipe shell.