strict cleaning and disinfection of tableware and towel s. “the reception capacity

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First, look. The environment of a store does not ask for resplendence but requires it to look comfortable and refreshing; hygiene should look clean; articles and towels should be placed neatly; the image of personnel should be fresh and tidy; the lighting setting should be soft and comfortable; the complimentary tea and fruit plate should look hygienic and exquisite; even the standing, sitting and walking posture of all the service staff should make people feel comfortable.

strict cleaning and disinfection of tableware and towel s.

Children and adults are different, first of all, children are active and sweating a lot, and a large amount of sweating will destroy the protective film formed by sunscreen. In addition, children do not care as soon as they play, and it is a common action to wipe their faces. After sweating, washing your face, wiping your face with towels or wet towels, and swimming, you all need to apply sunscreen.

Many messages under the medal table made people burst into tears. I hope these messages can also be seen by those athletes. Some netizens said that the Olympic Games selected the human peak body, but the Paralympic Games decided the human peak soul. How well said, yes, their bodies are crippled, but because of this, they look even more extraordinary on the field. They broke through their physical limitations and stepped onto the field, that is, the glowing champions who brought us countless cures and incentives. Is there any reason why we should not work hard? They can still run without arms, move forward without eyes and upward without legs. One netizen said that in swimming competitions, some athletes bit towels and touched their heads against the wall, and in table tennis competitions, they also threw balls with their feet and rackets with their mouths. Seeing these, he was not only full of respect, but also got a kind of spiritual nourishment that nothing could break, which made us feel that “nothing is impossible.”

two。 Strictly keep nipples and milk utensils hygienic. For breast-fed babies, it is important for mothers to keep their nipples clean. Wash hands and nipples with soap before each breast-feeding, and wipe nipple towels with hot water. For artificially fed babies, bottles and pacifiers should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water before use.

(2)。 The teacher in charge of the class first opened the front and rear door of the class, comforted the children not to panic, and told the children to cover their mouth and nose with a towel, and the teacher led the team. After the nurse broke, he bent down and quickly left the activity room and evacuated in an orderly manner according to the evacuation route. to the playground.

strict cleaning and disinfection of tableware and towel s.

Patients with mango allergy should stop eating immediately, rinse their mouth in time, wash their face and hands, and apply cold compress with towels. If the symptoms are more serious, such as a large rash on the face, or even mild edema, you should go to the hospital in time.

In addition to ensuring a safe eating distance from the other table and the temperature measurement and disinfection of guests at the store, the store also requires comprehensive disinfection of the store before opening every day, and strict cleaning and disinfection of tableware and towels. “the reception capacity of the dining room service is no more than 50% of the original meal seats. our employees need to hold a valid health certificate, check their temperature every day and register their health, and they are required to wear masks at all times during work.” Hot pot restaurant service staff told reporters that every customer can rest assured to eat and eat at ease.

Nursing and education is an important part of kindergarten work, so I carry out my work seriously according to my past experience. When I pick up in the morning, I can take the initiative to ask the parents about the children. Physical condition, can seriously do a good job of early childhood morning examination, afternoon examination and evening examination. As soon as you find that the child is not feeling well, record it immediately. Can seriously do a good job in home conservation, after morning exercises, urge children to drink more boiled water, and immediately urge sweaty children to change their T-shirts or put towels. During the nap, properly educate the children to add and reduce their clothes according to the weather changes, and constantly inspect the covers and correct the poor sleeping position of the children during the nap. Do a good job in cleaning the activity room every day, so as to reduce the incidence of young children and ensure their healthy growth.